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ATTENTION: It is with great regret that we have to announce that YKW will be closing on May 21, 2022. Our new landlord has decided that they do not want to be associated with "our type of business" (his exact words) and refuses to renew our lease that expires on June 1 2022. Even though we have been a great tenant for over 10 years in this building under the previous owner, never had any issues with the city or with the police, always paid our rent on time, even during covid or anything else, he just doesn't want to be associated with our type of business.

We are working on finding a new location and hope to have something soon. When we do we will post here as to where that will be and when we will reopen.

Please keep checking here on our website for when we reopen, it may take some time but we will do everything we can to reopen as soon as we can. YKW has over 40,000 members and we will keep fighting to bring you a new bigger, better club than before, Don't give up on us as we will not give up on you and the rest of the swinger/lifestyle community.



We are still trying our best to reopen, we have had several setbacks, but we are still moving forward. 


We have been trying for the last year to build a club but our plans to build a club from the ground up are on hold as we cannot find a contractor that can build what we want for under 3 million, which we cannot get a loan approval for. I have worked and reworked the club floor plans to shrink everything down as much as I can but even a 12,000 sq ft building was over 3 million.

We are currently still looking for a building to reopen the club in, we never stopped looking for a building but we just cannot find a place that meets all the required zoning and ordinance that a city or county requires. I know a lot of people are frustrated with this taking so long and have offered suggestions on a building but unfortunately we just cant rent any place and move into it, it has to meet all the requirements set by the city or county.


Just as a general rule if a building is first zoned correctly then it must also meet the following requirements, must be at least 500 feet away from any church, school, daycare or house and the building must be fully sprinkled. These are just the minimum requirements and these are also some of the least restrictive ordinances, some cities and counties are much harder and say you have to be 3000 feet away and also include parks that you must be away from or that the building cannot be more than 3000 sq ft or that does not allow for "private" rooms. Some places will let us measure the distance from building to building while other cities or counties measure the distance from property line to property line.

Our main goal is to make sure that we have a place that is fully legal that wont be shut down after a few months and get our members in trouble for attending an illegal party.  We have expanded our search to include all of North and South Carolina and will do what we can to reopen as fast as we can, believe me that we miss the club and all of the members more and more each day and cant wait to reopen. We have not given up, we did not quit and focus on another business, or my favorite rumor I heard was that I had several girlfriends that I gave all my money too, lol.

We can't wait to reopen and give everyone a place to call home again. I will post again when I have more solid news as I do not want to get people’s hopes up until I know something for sure.

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